Secondary Suites Review

More residents in North Cowichan can have secondary suites!

The rising cost of housing and diminishing rental stock has increased the demand for secondary suites.   To encourage development of new suites and legalization of existing suites, the Municipality of North Cowichan has made zoning changes to allow more property owners to develop attached secondary suites. These zoning changes affect approximately 2300 properties across the Municipality.

 On December 6, 2017, Council adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 3674  to allow attached secondary suites in the Residential Restricted (R2) and Residential Restricted Properties (R2-A) and Cliffs Comprehensive Development (CD1) zones, and to reduce the minimum parcel area for a secondary suite in the Residential One and Two-Family (R3) zone from 650m2 to 450m2.

 To find out if your property’s zoning allows for an attached secondary suite, please contact the Development Services Department, at (250) 746-3119 or

 The newly effected properties are shown in the diagram below:

The following staff reports provide additional background: