Environmental Education Program

Environmental Education Program

The Municipality of North Cowichan has long recognized the importance of educating youth on environmental matters. Our Environmental Education Program was established in 2000 to encourage youth to take steps to mitigate human caused environmental impacts. Each year, an Environmental Student is hired to create and implement a 50-60 minute workshop that is presented to students in kindergarten through to grade seven. These workshops align with provincially prescribed learning outcomes and provide opportunities for students to participate in hands-on activities that complement their regular school curriculum. Past topics have included everything from water conservation and climate change to invasive species and food security. The Municipality of North Cowichan firmly believes that increasing youth awareness of environmental issues is essential to all of our futures. We hope that through our Environmental Education Program, we are helping to generate young environmental stewards within our community.

Students who participate in the Environmental Education program are eligible and encouraged to participate in the annual Friends of the Environment Contest. This contest, held each year between May and July, gives students an opportunity to practice environmental stewardship, win great prizes, and meet the mayor! Requirements for the contest change every year, giving students a chance to challenges themselves and truly showcase their understanding of the environment.

How To Get Your School Involved

The program runs from May to August, so we encourage teachers, principals and local groups who may be interested to email environment@northcowichan.ca to learn about the current topic, book a presentation or provide feedback.

2016 Program

The program topic for 2016 was Recycling and Waste Diversion. Classroom sessions discussed why recycling is important, what happens after recyclable materials are brought to the curbside or a local depot, what is acceptable in our curbside recycling program, and what products are made from recyclable materials.  The 2016 program was very successful and reached over 1500 students in 84 classes!

There were many fantastic entries in the "Waste Wizard" contest this year. 13 prizes were awarded for the top creations made by students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016 Friends of the Environment "Waste Wizard" Contest!

Our community was very generous, providing a wide variety of fantastic prizes for the students. This year donations were made by:  Dinter Nursery, BC Forest Discovery Centre, Cowichan Aquatic Center, Pacific Northwest Raptors, Cowichan Land Trust, Cowichan Green Community, The Red Balloon Toyshop, Cowichan Exhibition, and Island Return It.

2016 "Waste Wizard" Contest Winners

Kionah Williams
Petra Wall
Maggie Low
Andrew Van der Linden
Raven Husband
Lily Roberts
Titus Kennedy
Rvairiah Shaw
Aliyah Reed
Zoe Platt
Sydney Brownlow
Mei-Ling Paras-Charlton
Lynnette Alford

More Information

If you have questions or would like more information, please email environment@northcowichan.ca.