Firewood & Salal Permits

Firewood Permits

The Municipal Forester decides when there are firewood permits available, how many, and in what area. Availability for permits varies daily; call the Municipal Hall to enquire about our current permits available.

  • $30 per cord, plus GST
  • Only one cord per household, per week, for personal use only
  • Must be a resident of North Cowichan
  • Firewood Permits are only sold for two consecutive days
  • Cannot be reserved - first come, first served
  • Will need to provide the licence plate number of the vehicle you will be using to remove the wood, along with the make and model
  • Required to carry the permit at all times while you are removing the wood
  • May be required to carry some firefighting equipment (fire extinguisher, shovel, etc.)
  • Maps available
  • Accessible by two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles

Locations (differs depending on availablility of firewood)

  • Mount Prevost
  • Mount Sicker

Lesser Vegetation Permits

$60 per permit, plus GST

Types Available

  • Salal