Board of Variance

The Board of Variance is an independent body which primarily considers requests for minor variances to the North Cowichan zoning bylaw, regarding siting, size, and dimensions of buildings. In limited circumstances, the Board can grant minor variances to certain other bylaws where compliance would cause an undue hardship. The Board of Variance consists of five members.

How do I apply?

Before you apply to the Board of Variance, you must apply first to the Building Department for a building permit. If a Building Inspector denies your application for a permit, you may be able to Apply to the Board of Variance [PDF - 36 KB] to the Board of Variance for permission to vary the bylaw, or you may apply to the North Cowichan Council for a Development Variance Permit. If you want more information regarding the Board's function and jurisdiction, you may contact the Administration Department at 250-746-3100.

When are the hearings?

Board of Variance hearings are scheduled on the last Monday of every month, beginning at 1:30pm on an as-needed basis.