Road Closures

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Why are major roadwork projects done in the spring and summer?

A:The drier weather makes the work faster and less expensive. Taxpayers get good value for their dollar and the neighbourhoods are impacted for less time than if we did the work in the winter months. Traffic volumes are generally lower in the summer months and therefore roadwork impacts fewer drivers.

Q:Why not do the work at night?

A:Working at night would have less impact on traffic, however, the noise from the equipment would be too disruptive to residents.

Q:Why does it take so long?

A:Paving can be done quite quickly, taking only a few days to cover several block. However, in order to avoid paving the street and then having to tear up the asphalt to make another infrastructure repair, the Municipality coordinates major roadwork projects so that any repairs to sewer, water or utilities are made prior to paving. Underneath the road surface are sewer, water, and gas pipes; electrical power, cable, and telephone line conduits also occupy the space under the road. The area in which crews have to work is very small and crowded with all of these utilities. This crowded work space as well as the hazards of working underground make the work difficult.

Q:What times can crews work?

A:Construction on a street is permitted between the following hours:

7:00am to 8:00pm - Monday through Friday

There are times when work is done outside these hours. In special cases, where if the work was done during regular hours, public safety could be compromised, or when it is deemed that to do the work overnight would be less disruptive than to work during regular hours, an exemption from these hours is granted by Council.