Economic Development

In November 2010, Council approved North Cowichan's Economic Development Work Plan [PDF - 273 KB] which consists of eight key factors:

Providing Infrastructure and Zoning for Development

Goal: Create business park and industrial/commercial land opportunities 

Marketing, Business Development and Promotion

Goal: Develop message and get it out

Create Attractive Waterfronts/Downtown(s)

Goal: Enhance public access to waterfront and develop a plan to create sustainable town centres in North Cowichan

Enhance/Protect Resource Sector

Goal: Promote opportunities in resource sectors

Tourism Infrastructure and Packaging

Goal: Expand tourism opportunities through strategic investments

High Tech and Knowledge Sector

Goal: Promote development of high-tech and knowledge sector

Waste Conversion Opportunities

Goal: Create and implement a climate action plan, and promote waste reduction initiative

Infrastructure for Development

Goal: Promote infrastructure that supports development