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Learn about these North Cowichan projects and initiatives currently open for public engagement and share your thoughts. Some projects may require registration through PlaceSpeak, an online location-based citizen engagement platform.

Current projects and initiatives

Curbside Automation
August to September 2021

  • We want to hear from residents about future plans for curbside garbage, recycling, and kitchen waste collection in the community. Read more at www.northcowichan.ca/curbsidesurvey 

Wildfire Management
Fall 2021

  • North Cowichan is reaching out to First Nations, stakeholders, and the public around three wildfire mitigation projects. Read more here.

Official Community Plan (OCP); Think Forward

  • North Cowichan is redoing its Official Community Plan with a multi-year, four phase process. The engagement process includes several ways for residents and stakeholders to have a say at every stage along the process. Read more at www.northcowichan.ca/OCP 

Municipal Forestry Review

  • We are developing interim and long-term forest management plans for the Municipal Forest Reserve. Public engagement feedback gathered throughout the process will inform the concurrent technical forestry review, and the public will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the technical review. Read more at www.northcowichan.ca/forestry 

Master Transportation Plan
March to December 2021

  • We are updating our Master Transportation Plan to improve transportation options across our communities for people of all ages and abilities, and guide transportation related decisions over the next 30 years. Read more at www.northcowichan.ca/MTP 

Budget 2022
Fall 2021

  • As North Cowichan begins consideration around its 2022 budget, we want to hear from you about priorities and projects. Read more at [coming soon!]

Seasonal Off-Leash Beach Access for Dogs
May to October 2021

  • We are considering whether to permanently add three trial seasonal, off-leash locations to North Cowichan’s list of permitted off-leash areas, but first – we want to hear from you! We invite you to complete a short, online survey that will help inform Council's decision. Read more at www.northcowichan.ca/offleash 

Climate Action and Energy Plan Modelling Update

Joint Utility Board Sewage Treatment Plant Outfall Relocation Project

  • We are working towards moving the outfall from the sewage treatment plan near Duncan to a new deep-water location in Cowichan Bay. This is a multi-year, multi-stage project involving many stakeholders. Residents have the opportunity to provide input at key steps as this project progresses. Read more at www.northcowichan.ca/JUB 

Community Engagement Framework & Policy

  • From Sept. to Dec. 2020, we received significant community feedback that will help shape the future of engagement at North Cowichan. When this project resumes, there will be additional opportunities for the community to provide feedback on the draft policy. Read more here.

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