Crofton is a community of 2,500 people, nestled into the shoreline of Osborne Bay and overlooking Saltspring Island. Its sloping topography offers dramatic views and panoramic vistas. Historically, the community has undergone significant economic change. In its early days, Crofton was a smelting centre in support of mining on Mt. Sicker. Evidence of the operation is still visible along the shoreline. After the smelter closed, the small harbour provided opportunity for fishing operations. In time, forestry activities and the Crofton Mill became the predominant economic generators.


Crofton has a strong sense of community pride and participation. A great example is the Crofton Community Centre Society, a volunteer organization in existence since 1951. Its objectives include engaging in charitable, recreational and social programs for Crofton, and surrounding area. The Society (among others), has been working to emphasize links to the Crofton waterfront. Through projects such as the Museum, the newly-completed Seawalk, and other activities, the goal is to produce an active and vibrant waterfront.

In 1998, a wastewater treatment plant was constructed. Through collaboration with Catalyst Paper Corporation (and its predecessors) the community has excellent-quality water. These important infrastructure investments have contributed to the growth of this interesting and colourful community which has all the amenities necessary for a complete community.

On August 19, 2015, Council adopted the Crofton Local Area Plan Bylaw No. 3580.  Thank you to all the Crofton Community members and businesses for being a part of this process.