Maple Bay


The south end of the Municipality comprises the area along Maple Bay Road, from Tzouhalem Road to Maple Bay, and includes the area of Genoa Bay and Stoney Hill. Intimate communities have developed in Maple Bay, Birds Eye Cove and Genoa Bay. Access is via scenic roads, and the landscape provides great cross water views with forested mountain backdrops.

There are some commercial activities, public facilities and amenities within reasonable walking distance, which help to form relatively complete communities. Uncertainty as to the scale and character of future development along the waterfront is of critical concern to residents and it is recognized that additional planning policy is necessary.

Residents are particularly interested in the implications of growth pressures on the rural character of the area, and the rapid growth of housing and resultant traffic on Maple Bay Road. The Maple Bay Road corridor from Duncan to the waterfront is a blend of subdivisions, (typically unconnected to one another), with intervening green fields. There is limited agricultural activity along the road but the undeveloped areas provide a valued foreground to views of Quamichan Lake.

Combined with the new school and playfields, development at Kingsview Road and Donnay Drive, this area has become a focal point for residents along the corridor backing onto Mt. Tzouhalem or fronting Quamichan Lake.

The attached Maple Bay Area Plan was prepared by the Maple Bay Community Association between 2013-2015.  The Plan sets out what it likes about Maple Bay and sets out a community vision on how Maple Bay may look in the future.  The Municipality has not formally commented, endorsed or adopted the Plan.  The Plan is essentially the community action plan for the Maple Bay Community Association to help guide the residents association's own decision making.

Staff will not rely on the Plan when determining development applications but will continue to be guided by adopted Council Policies and Bylaws, particularly the Official CommunityPlan (OCP).