Chemainus Odour

Current Status (May 6, 2019): On February 26, 2019, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy issued a permit to Coast Environmental to allow the business to increase the amount of compostable material it may process to 18,500 tonnes.  The Municipality of North Cowichan has appealed this decision to the Environmental Appeal Board on the basis that the expansion is not compliant with Zoning Bylaw No. 2950 and because offensive odours from the composting facility continue to impact the Chemainus community.  The Municipality is awaiting a response on the appeal.


The Municipality of North Cowichan continues to receive complaints about odours from the residents and businesses in Chemainus.

Coast Environmental is one of eight Waste Stream Management licenced facilities within the region and has the following operations on their property:

  • Waste Water Transfer Station
  • Soil Treatment Facility
  • Recycling Facility
  • Composting facility
  • Portable Toilet Cleaning & Storage

Multiple jurisdictions are responsible for regulating aspects of Coast Environmental’s operations. For example: 

  • The Municipality of North Cowichan is reponsible for zoning, which determines permitted land Uses.
  • The Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) regulates recycling and composting facilities under CVRD Bylaw No. 2570 - Waste Stream Management Licensing Bylaw No. 2004. 
  • The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy regulates the composting facilities under the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation.

If you are experiencing an offensive odour, please fill out the CVRD’s online Odour Nuisance Complaint Form. This form is designed to ensure that complaints about odour are documented and communicated expeditiously to Coast Environmental and the CVRD. The information is also used to assist agencies and local governments in monitoring odour and determining factors that may be contributing to it.

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Still have questions? Please contact: 

Rob Conway
Director of Planning
Municipality of North Cowichan
Phone:  250-746-3125