New RCMP Facility for the Cowichan Valley

The current North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP facility no longer meets the needs of the police officers and employees; current building standards; or health, safety and security requirements; and it must be replaced. North Cowichan is looking to borrow $48,000,000 to finance the construction costs of a new RCMP facility.

The current facility was built in 1980 to serve a workforce of 30. Today, it’s home to a workforce of 85: 62 RCMP members (32 municipal members, 26 provincial members, and 4 indigenous policing members), and 23 support staff.

The Detachment serves the Municipality of North Cowichan, City of Duncan, and the Cowichan and Halalt First Nations.  

Why build a new RCMP facility?

The existing building is past the end of its useful life and exceeds staffing capacity. Renovating the building would cost far more than constructing a new facility. Purchasing an existing building in the community and renovating it to the required standards would also cost more than constructing a new facility.

The new facility will bring Forensic Identification Services and South Island Traffic Services under the same roof with the North Cowichan/Duncan Detachment and Indigenous Policing forces.

This integrated model of policing will improve the coordination of resources and the development of operational strategies to combat crime in our communities, creating efficiencies and more services under one roof.

A new facility will provide the ability to quickly and smoothly move resources to provide a quick response throughout the area and at peak times creating surge capacity. We can also support the mental and physical wellbeing of our police officers by providing greater coverage during their shifts.

RCMP Facility Financing

This project will be jointly funded by North Cowichan and the RCMP, with the RCMP funding 60% ($29.4M) of the project through yearly lease payments. Utilizing reserve funds that have been set aside, North Cowichan will pay for the remaining 40%, using $1.03M from the reserve fund, and financing $18.6M. Based on Class D cost estimates, the project is estimated to cost $49,030,000.

* The City of Duncan and the CVRD electoral areas pay a policing tax to the province every year on their property taxes. Their contributions to the new RCMP facility are included in the RCMP’s 60% share.

Alternative Approval Process

In order for the municipality to borrow the funds required to construct a new facility, elector approval was required. This was done through an Alternative Approval Process (AAP). More information can be found here: Background, Documents & Reports

How will this affect taxpayers?

Building a new RCMP facility will require about a 4% tax increase, phased in gradually between 2021 – 2024. The total cost to the average homeowner will be about $71 per year for the balance of the loan.

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For more information about the new RCMP facility, contact:
Mark Frame
General Manager Financial and Protective Services
T 250.746.3100