VIMC Related Records

The Municipality has received an application to rezone the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit properties at 4063 Cowichan Valley Road. Given the public's interest in this facility and use of these properties, the Municipality is making the application documents available to ensure that the public has a full opportunity to understand what is being proposed and considered.

Rezoning Application (July 2017)  Prepared By Date
North Cowichan Letter Regarding Third-Party Acoustics Consultant [PDF - 172 KB]   Municipality of North Cowichan December 12, 2017
Noise Study, Sound Impact Assessment and Measurement Report [PDF - 1.8 MB] BeSB GMBH Berlin Acoustical Consulting September 2017
OCP Amendment Application, letter of rationale, and maps [PDF - 3.3 MB] SupErb Construction Ltd. August 2017
North Cowichan Acknowledgement and Follow-Up Letter  [PDF - 165 KB] Municipality of North Cowichan August 2017
Rezoning Application letter of rationale [PDF - 114 KB] Seward Developments Inc. July 2017
Rezoning Application form [PDF - 372 KB] SupErb Construction Ltd. July 2017
Proposed zoning [PDF - 402 KB] not specified July 2017
Proposed new definitions [PDF - 32 KB] not specified July 2017
Letter regarding noise study [PDF - 209 KB] SupErb Construction Ltd. July 2017
Noise study proposal and list of acoustical reference projects [PDF - 724 KB] BeSB GMBH Berlin July 2017

Corrected Biophysical report [PDF - 4.2 MB]

*note: change to document is on page 4, paragraph 2. Changed from "The proposed development will require both parcels to be rezoned to Commercial Rural Recreation (C8)" to "...rezoned to Comprehensive Development (CD)."  Original reference to C8 zone was an error.


Biophysical report [PDF - 10.5 MB]

Aquaparian Environmental Consulting Ltd. July 2017
Proposed servicing report [PDF - 2.1 MB] J. E. Anderson & Associates July 2017
Development drawings [PDF - 9.3 MB] J. E. Anderson & Associates July 2017

The following permits and reports have been compiled in response to a number of requests for access to information under the provincial Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”).  These records have been provided subject to the federal Copyright Act and in accordance with FIPPA.  These records have been reviewed for compliance with FIPPA to ensure personal information is removed prior to release.

Permit No. Permit Type Purpose Issued
DP000032/14.08 [PDF - 5.7 MB] Development Permit Environmental (clearing of site for facility) April 14, 2014
DP000054 /15.06 [PDF - 27.4 MB] Development Permit Vehicle Testing & Training Facility August 17, 2015
BP007154 [PDF - 81 KB] Building Permit Construction of foundation only August 17, 2015
BP007154 [PDF - 61 KB] Building Permit Completion of construction of industrial building October 20, 2015
DP000075/16.07 [PDF - 3.5 MB] Development Permit

Storm Water Management Facility & Form and Character


Amended Permit DP054/CA4701240

September 9, 2016


Original Application and Subsequent Reports Prepared By Date
Biophysical Assessment [PDF - 12.8 MB] Aquaparian Environmental Consulting Ltd. March 2014
Riparian Area Assessment Report [PDF - 1.2 MB] Ted Burns, Biologist March 1, 2010
RPT Fisheries and Oceans (Fisheries Protection) March 24, 2014.pdf [PDF - 86 KB] Fisheries & Oceans Canada March 24, 2014
Nest Survey Report [PDF - 1.1 MB] Ursus Environmental April 11, 2014
Rain & Stormwater Management Plan [PDF - 9.4 MB] J.E. Anderson & Associates May 14, 2015
Vegetation Management Plan [PDF - 3.6 MB] Aquaparian Environmental Consulting Ltd. May 25, 2015
Landscape Design Strategy [PDF - 35 KB] Victoria Drakeford, Landscape Architect July 28, 2015
Environmental Monitoring Inspection Report [PDF - 1.3 MB] Aquaparian Environmental Consulting Ltd. November 17 & 18, 2015
Noise Monitoring Report [PDF - 571 KB] RWDI - Wakefield Acoustics October 26, 2016