Interactive Web Map

District of North Cowichan GIS data can be viewed on an interactive map in your web browser. The map enables you to view spatial data relating to properties, development services, engineering/operations, forestry and parks.

  • Find a Park
  • Find an address
  • View utilities
  • Draw on and print a map
  • View Development Permit Areas
  • View Forestry Information

Data Downloads

District of North Cowichan GIS datasets are available in a number of common formats and can be downloaded from the BC Data Catologue

Datasets include Utilities (Water, Storm, Sewer), Contours, LiDAR, 2017 ortho-imagery, cadastral (parcels, strata’s, easements, addressing, North Cowichan Boundary, Section/Range/Land District), Zoning, rooflines, planimetry, parks, 2010 OCP data, and “Open Data Packages” that contain all previously listed datasets. Click here for access.

Municipal Forest Reserve - Forestry Information

Would you like to know more about the Municipal Forestry Reserve?  Visit our interactive forest map to learn where the reserve is located, the types and ages of trees you will find in the forest, recreational trail locations, the wide variety of sensitive ecosystems the forest supports, and past forestry activity.

Forest Reserve Mountain Biking & Hiking

Interested in hiking in the North Cowichan municipal forest reserve? Maps and brochures are located in Parks & Recreation's Mountain Biking & Hiking page.

Chemainus Flood Depth Map

Click here to view an interactive map displaying the 200 year water depth. All data in the interactive map is based on projections derived from modelling and inherently has some degree of uncertainty. Please contact for more information