Base Maps

This page provides access to North Cowichan's base maps, a detailed series of 1:2500 scale maps of the Municipality.

The maps are saved as PDF files (download Adobe Reader or Bluebeam Vu).

Disclaimer: These maps are provided for your convenience. They are intended for schematic representation only. The Municipality of North Cowichan assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in the maps. The zoning information does not represent the official zoning. Contact the Planning Department to confirm zoning information.

How to Use the Maps

If you already know the map sheet you want, place your mouse pointer over the grid number on the "North Cowichan 113 Map Grid Reference" shown in brown (you may have to zoom in to see better). If you do not know the map sheet number for an area you are interested in you have two options:

Option 1

  • Click on the green dot next to Click here to find maps by using a MAP INDEX. This will open a map index showing roads and road names etc. Zoom into an area and pan around. To open a map sheet, click anywhere on the large red map number (when your cursor changes to the pointer) of the sheet you want.

Option 2

  • Click on the green dot next to Click here to find maps by using a ROAD NAME LIST. This will open the roads list that is used on many of our map books. Zoom in and pan around to the road of interest. Move your cursor over the grid reference next to the road name and click to open that map sheet.

Regardless of how you open a map, you will always be in the cadastral map theme (lots, lot numbers, plan numbers, right of ways, section and ranges, land districts, municipal boundary). If you zoom into the title block on the right hand side you can choose from a variety of other themes as mentioned above. To select a theme place your mouse pointer over the theme name i.e. "CONTOURS" and click when your cursor changes to a pointer. You will now be in the contour map for that grid reference you originally selected. To get back to the cadastral theme click on "CADASTRAL" from the theme list or hit your browser's "Back" button.

To navigate between adjoining map sheets, zoom into the adjoining sheet table on the bottom right of the title block. The sheet you are currently in is in the center, highlighted with a bold outline. Clicking on the map sheet number you are in will take you back to the MAINPAGE. Clicking on one of the surrounding map sheet numbers will open that map sheet. When surrounding map sheets are opened they are always in the cadastral theme so you will have to re-select the theme i.e. "CONTOURS".

When in the SIGNAGE theme there are some references on the map to see detail sheets (usually for intersection details). If you click on the text in boxes that points to the area in question it will open the PDF of that detail sheet. By hitting your browsers Back button or clicking onto the map grid reference for a particular detail, you will go back to the map sheet you were in.