Permits & Inspections

How to request a Building Inspection:

To schedule an inspection, please call 250.746.3102 and provide the following information:

  • site address
  • building permit number
  • type of inspection required
  • your preferred contact name and number.

Requests received prior to 4pm will be scheduled for the next business day, and requests received after this cut-off will be scheduled for the day after the next business day.

Please Note: Inspections are scheduled for a day - not a specific time. 


Building Permit Inspections List

How to apply for a Building Permit:

Building permit application forms and checklists are available on the website and at the office. Once you have completed the application form(s) and gathered the required documents, you may drop off your package at the office. There is also an option to submit your application package digitally. Email the completed application form to and request a Share Link. Documents can be uploaded to the folder created for your project and staff will be notified once the upload is complete.

How to pay for a Building Permit:

Once your permit is ready, you will be notified by the Building Inspector and provided with a fee slip by email. You may make a payment at the Building Department front counter using cash, cheque or Debit (credit cards are not accepted). Online banking payments can be made by choosing North Cowichan A/R (if available at your financial institution) and inputing the folder number as the account number BP00____. Please notify the office if using online banking by sending an email to

How to pick-up a Building Permit:

Due to COVID protocols, Building Permit packages are no longer available for pick-up at the office. Once the permit payment has been processed, the Building Inspector will be notified. The Building Inspector will then send you the permit to sign digitally and forward the Building Permit package to you via email.

Title Documents

To obtain a title search and related documents (covenants, easements or rights-of way) for a Building Permit application you may visit the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC website. Please Note: Documents may also be obtained from a Lawyer, Notary, Land Surveyor, Registry Agent or Realtor.