The Municipality of North Cowichan Engineering Department is responsible for

  • engineering design and construction of the Municipality's infrastructure
      • roads
      • sidewalks
      • bridges
      • water distribution systems
      • sewage treatment plants
      • drainage
      • dikes
      • all municipally owned buildings
  • management of the local water supply
      • reservoirs
      • distribution piping
      • valves
      • hydrants
  • management of four waste water treatment facilities including collection system
  • maintenance and development of current and long range engineering planning, and drafting
  • manage and reduce energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of municipal infrastructure

Roads and Transportation

Information on road construction and maintenance of municipal roads, including road closures, roundabouts, pedestrian safety and the traffic calming policy.


Details regarding management of the water system including water quality reports and water accounts, in addition to sprinkling restrictions.


Waste Water Management information including connections and description of municipal facilities.


Learn more about the enjoying and preserving the unique environment of North Cowichan including energy management and the Climate Action and Energy Plan, air quality and backyard burning restrictions, and water conservation and sprinkling restrictions.


Land development projects must adhere to the municipality's Engineering Standards. Engineering is also responsible for highway access.

Engineering Standards "Schedule B" 1993

Storm Water and Rain Water Design Guidelines [PDF - 78 KB]

Application for Highway Access Permit - Single Family Dwelling and Duplex [PDF - 389 KB]

Application for Highway Access Permit - Multi Family_Commercial_Industrial [PDF - 145 KB]

Application for Highway Construction Permit [PDF - 106 KB]

Appendix A - Prime Contractor's Main Responsibilities [PDF - 240 KB]

Development Cost Charges

Please refer to the Development Cost Charges Bylaw No. 3460 [PDF - 5.7 MB] for charges to be paid within respective areas.