The Engineering Department is responsible for long-term planning, designing and maintaining capital projects and municipal services for the Municipality in coordination with the Operations Department. The Engineering Department also manages Environmental Services and Development (Subdivision).

Engineering staff provide technical support and project management oversight for all of the Engineering Department functions and are committed to the provision of safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible services to our citizens that meet current professional standards and best practices.

Environmental Services

For information relating to environmental services, such as environmental protection and recycling, please refer to the Environmental Services web page or contact them at (250) 746-3100 or email 


For information relating to subdivision or the servicing of private property, please refer to the Subdivision web page or contact (250) 746-3103 or email

Roads and Transportation

For information about road closures, roundabouts, pedestrian safety and the traffic calming policy refer to the web page or contact (250) 746-3103 or email

Water System

For information regarding the management of the water system including water quality reports and water accounts, in addition to sprinkling restrictions refer to the web page or contact (250) 746-3103 or email

Sewer System

For information regarding Waste Water Management information including connections and descriptions of municipal facilities refer to the web page or contact (250) 746-3103 or email

Storm Water

For information about storm water management, refer to the Drainage Design Guidelines, or contact (250) 746-3103 or email

Operations Department

For information relating to the operation and maintenance of municipal utilities, including emergency water shut-offs, pothole repair, and street light outages please refer to the Utility web page or contact the Operations Department (250) 746-3100 or email

Planning Department

For information about land development applications including zoning amendments, development permits and variances, please refer to the Planning Department web page contact (250) 746-3119 or email

Land Titles Office

For information relating to land title records, such as property boundaries, easements, statutory right-of-ways and covenants, please contact BC Land Titles & Survey.

Bylaw Services

For complaints and inquiries regarding on-street parking, please refer to the Bylaw Services web page or contact Bylaw Enforcement at 250-746-3108 or email