Construction Projects

2019 Road and Sidewalk Construction Projects

Chemainus Road Corridor Upgrade Project (between Victoria Street and Henry Road)

  • This project will include: a roundabout at River Road and Chemainus Road, stormwater, sewer and water utilities upgrade, road widening, cycling lanes and streetscape improvements, as part of the ongoing downtown revitalization work occurring under the Chemainus Town Centre Revitalization Plan (2011). 

Solar Pedestrian Crossing Lights

  1. Cowichan Lake Road (220 metres west of Evans Road at existing crosswalk).
  2. Maple Bay Road at Queen of Angels School

Crofton Town Centre Design

  • Phase 3 design - primarily on York Avenue.

Lakes Road Bridge Repair Design

  • Structural concrete overlay and sidewalk.

Canada Avenue Bike Lanes and Friendship Trail Design

  • Council Initiative Partnership with the City of Duncan
  • Re-design of Canada Avenue from Sherman Road to Evans Street to include bike lanes, turning lanes, bridge replacements and related works.

Canada Avenue Settlement Repair

  • Repair of settlement due to road widening and heavy traffic on soft soils.

Seine Road Asphalt Overlay

  • Completion of 2018 construction that included sanitary sewer replacement, drainage replacement and asphalt overlay.

Genoa Bay Road Watermain Replacement and Road Improvements

  • Re-construction of roadway following watermain replacement project.

Maple Bay Road Bike Lanes

  • Further bike lane paint line separation and improved signage.

Chisholm Trail Asphalt Overlay (between Drummond Drive and Walcot Street) 

Trans Canada Multi-Use Path (between Beverly Street and 5883 Trans Canada Highway)

  • Construction of path on the east side of the Trans Canada Highway from Beverly Street to McDonald's Restaurant.