Subdivision Application Process

1. Pre-Application Meeting 

If you have subdivision-related questions and would like to book a pre-application meeting online or submit a new Subdivision Application, please e-mail or call 250-746-3103 to speak with the Development Planner. If needed, a file upload link will be sent to you for large documents. 

We will assist you with the application process by discussing the following:

  • Zoning
  • Planning policy
  • Development permit areas
  • Existing services
  • Development constraints

Things to remember:

  • Subdivision application fees are non-refundable.
  • We can assist you with application procedures.
  • We cannot plan your development.
  • We encourage those new to the process to seek advice from qualified professionals. Do this before submitting a formal application or paying any fees.

2. Submission of Complete Application (forms, documents and fees)

Please make sure applications are completed by making use of the checklist on the application form. We cannot accept incomplete applications.

Subdivision Application Form is also available Online (Docusign). Request by email

Confirm zoning compliance with your proposed development and the Zoning Bylaw.

Not sure of your property zoning? You can confirm your zoning by checking our Interactive Web Mapping Tool on our website. Click the bottom far left blue icon called Layer List > Development Services > Zoning.

Review Vancouver Island Health Authority Subdivision Standards for minimum lot size requirements for lots that are not connected to the municipal sewer. The minimum lot size will be determined after the application is reviewed by the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

Applications that are submitted without the mandatory Site Disclosure Statement will be considered incomplete and will delay the application process.  More information is available in Development Planning.   

3. Application is referred to internal and external agencies for review and comment

We circulate your applications to internal and external departments for review and comment.  Depending on your subdivision application's complexity, the Approving Officer may ask for more information or additional environmental studies.

4. Conditional Subdivision Approval 

If the Approving Officer sees merit in subdividing your property, you will receive Conditional Subdivision Approval called a Preliminary Layout Acceptance (PLA) in the form of a letter. This PLA letter explains requirements you must complete in order to receive Final Approval.

Common conditions of the PLA:

  • Subdivision layout, road alignments and lot dimensions
  • Dedication of parkland or cash-in-lieu
  • Protection of the natural environment
  • Covenants, easements and statutory rights-of-way
  • Engineering servicing requirements
  • External agency requirements

Conditional Approval is valid for one year.

5. Subdivision Servicing works completed or security bond provided. 

An owner or developer of a property within the Municipality is responsible for the installation of services and infrastructure as required by a Subdivision. Infrastructure servicing and development is governed by Subdivision Bylaw

All service installations (water, sewer, drainage) are at the owner’s expense. The exception is if the owner provides bonding. This means entering into a subdivision servicing agreement with Municipality to complete the required works by a specified date.

Fees Bylaw

Development Cost Charges Bylaw

6. Final Subdivision Application Form and Final Legal Documentation from the Lawyer/Notary

Once you have completed all the requirements in the PLA. You may submit your application for final subdivision approval. 

 Typically, the final application includes:

  • Final survey plans prepared by a British Columbia Land Surveyor.
  • Approval fees $552.50 or as per the Fees Bylaw.
  • Subdivision Application Form (PDF - printable)
  • Online Subdivision Application Form (Docusign) is available on request. Email
  • Title Certificate obtained from Land Title Surveyor Authority within the last 30 days.
  • Development Cost Charges
  • Documentation showing you have met all requirements of your PLA.

7. Final approval considered by the Approving Officer

You will receive your final subdivision documents once the Approving Officer signs them.  Only an employee of the law office or a mail courier can deliver the signed documents. Your lawyer must register them at the Victoria Land Title Office. This process creates a legal title for each new parcel defined on the subdivision plan.

8. Subdivision plans and documents return to the applicant's Lawyer for registration at the Victoria Land Title Office. 

Please ensure that the lawyer provides the Municipality with a copy of newly registered Final Subdivision documentation.