Environmental Services

Environmental Services is responsible for overseeing various environmental functions throughout the Municipality and coordinating initiatives across the various departments within the organization.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Climate Action Planning: read the 2022 CAEP to learn what the municipality is doing to reduce GHG emissions. Also contains information on how you can reduce your carbon footprint at home and on the road (rebates available).
  • Environmental Education Program: learn how to register your elementary class for this FREE environmental education program. Includes program details, lesson plan goals and student's contest information.
  • Corporate Energy Management: discover what the Municipality of North Cowichan is doing to conserve and manage energy through various projects (UNDER REVISION).


  • Air Quality: learn about good burning practices, current venting index and air quality data.
  • Native and Invasive Species: learn about the invasive species that harm our ecosystems, best management practices, preferred planting lists of native species and what the municipality is doing to manage invasive species.
  • Quamichan Lake Health: read about the ongoing water quality monitoring on Quamichan Lake, up to date water quality data and frequently asked questions about blue-green algae.
  • Pest Management: best management practices to rodent-proof your property, Provincial and Municipal rodenticide ban.
  • Somenos Watershed Management: Somenos watershed health data, monitoring activities, Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society, Beverly St. wetland restoration, watershed management plan and information on parrots feather (UNDER REVISION).
  • Surface Water Quality: what you need to know when working around water, how to properly dispose household waste, Somenos watershed health, water quality data, water conservation and ongoing surface water projects.
  • Tree Protection: important things to consider when thinking of cutting down trees or shrubs on your property.
  • Water Conservation: check the current water conservation measures, details about watering restrictions, water-wise tips and how to obtain a lawn watering permit.


Last edited: July 24, 2023.