Campfires/Recreational Fire Pits

Under North Cowichan's Fire Protection Bylaw [PDF - 238 KB], campfires less than 24 inches in diameter are permitted as long as a fire ban is not in effect for the Coastal Fire Zone. Information on current bans and restrictions can be found here: BC Wildfire Service

Please follow these guidelines for campfires and recreational fire pits:

  • Fire pits must be made of non-combustible material
  • Only burn clean, dry firewood 
  • Limit fires to 0.5 m3 in volume
  • Use a tight-fitting lid of perforated metal or wire screen that does not have openings greater than 1 cm2 in area
  • Locate fires a minimum of 2 metres from a property line and 5 metres from a building or flammable combustible material
  • Have fire-fighting equipment on hand, including at least one shovel, rake and garden hose connected to a water source
  • No open fires are permitted within North Cowichan's Municipal Forest Reserve.

In general, North Cowichan looks to the BC Wildfire Services when determining whether or not fire bans and restrictions are applied within our Municipal boundaries. However,  North Cowichan may extend a prohibition on campfires due to localized conditions, so we recommend checking with the Bylaw Department prior to having a recreational campfire.  Additional information about the Coastal Fire Zone and other regions of BC can be found on the BC Wildfire Services website