Climate Action Community Grants

In 2017, Council approved changes to the Climate Action and Energy Plans Terms of Reference to better position the use of the funds towards achieving current environmental targets.  In addition, the new terms of reference enable outside organizations the ability to apply for funding on projects that align with the action items listed in the Climate Action and Energy Plan Implementation and Monitoring Framework.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Any organization registered as a society under the BC Society Act, or as an association under the Cooperative Association Act.

What Types of Projects Are Eligible?

Projects that align with actions listed in the Municipality's Climate Action and Energy Plan Implementation and Monitoring Framework.  Additionally, any project that reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions within the scope of the Municipality's Community Energy and Emissions Inventory would also be eligible.

When Are Submissions Due?

All proposals must be submitted before the intake deadlines of September 15 or March 15.  Staff will review and score proposals and provide the proposals to Council with an accompanying staff report.

How Are Projects Evaluated?

All proposals are evaluated by members of the Corporate Green Team using the Evaluation Criteria [PDF - 164 KB] approved by Mayor and Council in 2017.  Applications that receive a score of  75 or higher are brought to the Environmental Advisory Committee for further review and consideration.

How Do I Apply?

Completed application forms [PDF - 696 KB] with associated project summaries can be sent to: or sent to the Engineering Department at the Municipal Hall.

Where Can I Get More Information?

For more information, please read the Climate Action and Energy Plans Terms of Reference or contact the Environmental Programs Coordinator.