Climate Action and Energy Plan Update

Engagement on this plan has concluded. The Climate Action and Energy Plan Update was adopted by Council on January 19, 2022.


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Currently, a $78,800 grant from the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program, funded by the Government of Canada and delivered by the Federation of CanadianMunicipalities (FCM) is being used to:

  • Update the original greenhouse gas modelling to address changes in land use and development patterns, respond to technological advancements, and provide more functional and user-friendly tools for monitoring.
  • Obtain a progress update on the municipality’s emissions reduction goals in order to determine if the goals in the CAEP are attainable. 
  • Reschedule and reevaluate existing projects and determine if there are any new projects that should be implemented.
  • Develop an Implementation and Monitoring Framework that identifies quantifiable outcomes, timelines, and objectives to ensure progress towards emission reduction targets.

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February 2021 Update 
Thank you to everyone for taking the time to complete the survey! SSG is compiling and analyzing your feedback and the results will be presented to Council in the near future for their consideration.

There are some new documents in the key documents section below and some of the previous documents have been updated with more current information as well. These documents will provide you with the latest information on the project prior to taking the survey. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us at: .  

Key Documents

2021 Economic and Emissions Modelling Overview CAEP Economic and Emissions Modelling Overview Feb 9 2021.pdf [PDF - 1 MB]
Global, Federal, Provincial, Regional Climate Change Policy, Commitments and background Information  (Updated February 2021) 200120_North Cowichan climate change background.pdf [PDF - 654 KB]
Modelling assumptions used for forecasting emissions
Provides details on the modelling approach used to provide community energy and emissions benchmarks and projections (Updated February 2021) 191217_North Cowichan DMA.pdf [PDF - 711 KB]
Sustainability Solutions Group presentation on emissions modelling results - presented at the July 27, 2020 Engagement Session Emissions Modelling Overview [PDF - 2 MB]
Staff presentation on purpose of engagement session and future steps for CAEP modelling project - presented at the July 27, 2020 Engagement Session Project Update, Climate Action Strategy and Policy [PDF - 826 KB]
Staff presentation on historical Climate Actions completed in North Cowichan and corporate emissions and offsets overview - presented at the July 27, 2020 Engagement Session

Historical Climate Action in North Cowichan [PDF - 864 KB]

CAEP Update Engagement Session - Questions and Answers

CAEP Update Engagement Questions and Answers PDF- 870 KB]

Recording of Stakeholder and Government Engagement Session:

Q& A Session: 


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