Watering Permits - New Lawns

New lawns should be planted in the spring to avoid excessive use of artificial irrigation during the drier summer months when water is limited.  Better yet, plants native to the region could be incorporated into your landscape design to avoid artificial irrigation altogether.  Please see our Native Plants page for more information.  New lawns require a Garden Irrigation Permit in order to be exempt from certain Stage 1 Water Use Restrictions.  See our Sprinkling Restrictions page for more details. 

How to Obtain a Garden Irrigation Permit

Garden Irrigation Permits are issued and approved at the discretion of the Municipal Engineer.  Issued for a limited time period, Garden Irrigation Permits will permit owners or residents to water newly planted lawns or large scale landscaping daily from 7:00pm – 9:00am (hours vary according to water conservation stage).

Applications may be obtained in person from the Engineering Department at the Municipal Hall or by clicking on the link Garden Irrigation Permit Application [PDF - 110 KB].

Please forward the completed application by email to the Engineering Department at engineering@northcowichan.ca , or drop off in person at the Municipal Hall located at 7030 Trans Canada Highway.  Once your application has been approved by the Municipal Engineer, we will contact you for payment of a $25 permit fee and issuance of the permit.

Garden Irrigation Permits may be issued for the following:

  • 21 days for planting a new lawn with sod
  • 49 days for planting a new lawn from seed
  • 21 days for planting new (large scale) landscaping 
  • Garden irrigation Permits will only be issued if more than 50% of the lawn is being planted

Garden Irrigation Permits will not be issued during Stage 2, 3 and 4 Water Use Restrictions. This is done to encourage residents to plant new lawns in the spring when water is more plentiful.