North Cowichan staff and Council engage in an annual budgeting process that begins in September (third quarter) for the following year. The budget is then approved by Council in the first quarter of the proposed budget year. 

Municipalities use a variety of revenue sources to pay for a wide range of services that residents and businesses depend on and use regularly. The major revenue sources that are used to pay for day-to-day services include:

  • Property tax
  • Utility user fees (sewer and water charges)
  • Other user fees (e.g. recreation passes/registration fees, connection fees, rezoning application fees)
  • Permits and licensing fees (building permits, dog licences, business licences)

Municipalities also have access to other forms of funding that are generally used for capital projects:

  • Grants from the Provincial and Federal governments and their agencies
  • Proceeds from borrowing
  • Reserve funds (funds saved up over time for large projects)

Part of Council’s decision-making process each year is to determine what levels of funding for services should come from the various sources of revenue.

For annual accounting, please view our Financial Reports.

Budget 2023

Learn about the upcoming budget, departmental business plans, attend meetings, and ask questions. Visit www.ConnectNorthCowichan.ca/budget 

Historical Financial Information and Reports

For more information, please contact the Finance Department at finance@northcowichan.ca or (250) 746-3100.