Online Credit Card Payments

The Municipality is now accepting Online Visa and MasterCard payments for Business License renewals, Bylaw Tickets and Dog Licence renewals.

Click here to pay!


1. Find your account information

Dog Licence renewals:

  • View your bill for your Account Number and Access Code.

Bylaw Tickets:

  • Your ticket number will be printed on top right coner on the face of the ticket or letter. The ticket number follows the format of either M1234 or DNC1234.

Business Licence renewals:

  • View your bill for your Licence Number and Access Code.

2. Enter your information and click “Search”

3. Review your total and click “Add to Cart”

4. Double check your Cart Total and then click “Pay”

5. The page will redirect you to the Municipality's payment service provider Moneris

6. Enter your credit card details and click “Process Transaction”

7. When the transaction is completed you will be directed to your receipt. Please save or print for your records.

8. If you have further questions or experience technical difficulties please email