Firewood Permits

Firewood permits are suspended while the Municipal Forest Reserve Review is underway. 

North Cowichan through its Forestry Program sells firewood and salal permits to residents of North Cowichan for the removal of firewood
and salal from Municipal Forest Reserve (MFR) lands. The Municipal Forester decides when there are firewood permits available, how many, and in what area. 

Firewood Permits:

  • $30 per cord, plus GST
  • Must be a resident of North Cowichan
  • Only one cord per household, per week, for personal use only
  • Firewood Permits are only sold for two consecutive days
  • Cannot be reserved - first come, first served
  • Will need to provide the licence plate number of the vehicle you will be using to remove the wood, along with the make and model
  • Required to carry the permit at all times while you are removing the wood
  • May be required to carry some firefighting equipment (fire extinguisher, shovel, etc.)
  • Maps available
  • Accessible by two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicles

Lesser Vegetation Permits: Salal, Cedar and, Pine Boughs: 

  • $60 per permit, plus GST. The permit is valid for one month. If you have not held a permit before, you must speak with the Municipal Forester before a permit is issued. 


Contact Municipal Hall to inquire about obtaining a permit.