Applicant Resources

Learn about our recruitment process, online application tools, and interview tips.

Our goal is to provide a great applicant experience. Here, you will find our recruitment/selection process and interview tips to help you become a successful candidate.  

Recruitment & selection process

Our recruitment process includes the following: 

Online application

  • Applicants can view and apply for our career opportunities through our online application system.  
  • For CUPE positions, job specifications are identified in our union collective agreements. Many of our positions are unionized and the descriptions of these positions (qualifications, skills, experience, knowledge, and other attributes needed to do the job) are set out in the job postings that correspond to the specific jobs identified in our union collective agreements.  
  • Before you apply for a position, either CUPE or exempt, be sure you meet the requirements noted on the job posting. 
  • If a posting indicates a typing speed requirement, please include proof of typing speed (completed within the last 12 months) with your application. If it is not included with your application, it will be requested during the screening and assessments. Copies of certifications are not required at the application stage but will be requested upon hire. 

Screening & assessments

  • Applicants are initially reviewed and screened to ensure applicants meet the minimum requirements described in the job posting.
  • Successful applicants will move on to the assessment phase of the hiring process. What you will be assessed on will depend on the role and can include:  
    • Practical assessments, which may include physical tests, technical (job specific) tests, and/or clerical tests. 
    • Presentations.  
    • Written assignments.
  • Note: Higher level or exempt positions may require both a written portion and a verbal presentation at the beginning of the interview.  


  • Our interviews are conducted as a structured panel interview, often with the option of in-person or remote depending on the applicants location. You will be asked a set of pre-determined questions that will reflect the knowledge, skills, and abilities noted in the job posting. Interviews often last between 30-90 minutes 
  • Questions can be a combination of behavioural-based, technical, and scenario-based.  For us to learn more about you, we will want to hear about your knowledge, past experiences, and how you dealt with specific situations  
  • See below for interview tips.  

Employment checks

You may be asked to provide one or more background checks, including:

  • Reference checks (three supervisory references).
  • ICBC Driving Record. 
  • Police Information Checks and/or Enhance Reliability Clearances.  


  • Offers will be conditional upon a successful Police Information Check (with/without a vulnerable sector check) or RCMP enhanced security clearance. The type of check required will be indicated on the posting. We will reach out to discuss the details of the job offer and how to best prepare for your first day at the Municipality of North Cowichan.  
  • Our recruitment process may take between 4 to 6 weeks (timeframes may vary depending on the position).

Interview tips

Tips to help you prepare for your next interview with us. The interview stage isn’t meant to be intimidating. It’s an opportunity for you to meet us, discuss your qualifications, and see if you’ll be a good fit for North CowichanWe encourage you to prepare for your interview. But it is equally important to relax and be yourself since it's also our opportunity to get to know you.  


  • Review our website and social media channels to learn about who we are, what we do in North Cowichan (and local government), and what we value.  
  • Read the job posting (a few times) and be prepared to show us how your qualifications meet what’s listed in the posting.  
  • Prepare at least 2-3 questions you want to ask the hiring team about the position.  
  • Come prepared to answer behavioural questions. Researching the STAR method may help you prepare 
  • You can bring notes to the interview, but we recommend you don’t read directly from them.  
  • We kindly ask that you refrain from wearing any scented products.  


If you have questions, need assistance or, require accommodation at any stage of the recruitment process, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing