Admissions & Memberships

General Memberships and Admissions: 

  • Options and rates for individual admissions and passes:
    • Monthly pass: Perfect for those around the area. Pay for a single month or more up to 5 months.
    • Lifestyle Pass: Full access for the year (includes drop-in fitness, access to the pool and hot areas) 
    • Gold Pass: Includes locker tokens, pass suspensions and extensions.    
  • Options and rates for family admissions and passes:
    • Requires one adult and must include at least one youth, child, preschooler or infant.

Leisure Access Pass: 

The Leisure Access Pass provides low-income residents the ability to access basic recreation programs and services in the Municipality of North Cowichan. These include drop in programs and all public swimming and skating events. (skate rentals not included). 

Who is eligible? 

Residents who live within the boudaries of: 

  • The Municipality of North Cowichan 
  • The City of Duncan 
  • Cowichan Tribes Reserve Lands 
  • Contributing areas of the Cowichan Valley Regional District with the exception of Area G and H. 
Residents that meet the Stats Canada Low Income Measurement guideline must complete an application formand provide a copy of their most recent Revenue Canada T4 statement. 
Upon qualifying, a one year  Leisure Access Pass, will be provided to each eligible member of the household. Only one pass will be issued per year to each eligible person.