Emergency Preparedness

As part of the municipality’s ongoing emergency preparedness efforts for Fuller Lake Arena, we are conducting tests of:

  1. eALERT public notification system 
  2. Evacuation drills of Fuller Lake Arena with our staff and users
  3. Training with our emergency responders 

These emergency preparedness efforts focus on the unlikely event of an ammonia leak at the Arena, which would result in an evacuation of the facility and surrounding area (all residences within a 1 kilometer radius around Fuller Lake Arena). The Arena's refrigeration room and system is designed to contain a leak and allow for a controlled release, but circumstances may occur where a full release is required.

In the event that an evacuation is required, the area included is:

We strongly encourage all North Cowichan residents to register for the eALERT system as it's the quickest and easiest way to be notified of local emergencies and critical incidents. 

Questions?  Email us at parksrec@northcowichan.ca