Municipal Forestry Program

This Fact Sheet [PDF - 128 KB] provides a summary about management and benefits of North Cowichan's Municipal Forest Reserve. 

Mission Statement

"To maintain and enhance North Cowichan's valuable municipal forest resources for all users through sustainable forestry, ecological stewardship, & sound fiscal management"

The Municipality of North Cowichan is one of the few communities in North America that has privately owned forest lands that are managed for the benefit of residents. This is called the Municipal Forest Reserve, and through it, North Cowichan owns 5,000 ha of lands, which make up 25% of the total land area of North Cowichan. Another 25% of the Municipality falls within the Agriculture Land Reserve, making half of our community unavailable for development. This combination of forestry and agricultural lands gives North Cowichan a sizeable amount of green space and adds to our quality of life.