Park Ambassador Pilot Program

Meeting the needs of parks users during the COVID19 pandemic


How Does the Park Ambassador Pilot Program Work?

This new program, staffed by our recreation employees, will have ambassadors visible at North Cowichan’s busiest parks, beackes, and municipally sanctioned trails. Ambassadors will help ensure the community can safely continue to use well-loved outdoor recreational spaces through this Pilot Program.

Here are the main goals of the Park Ambassador Pilot Program: 

Engagement and Education

  • Park Ambassadors will safely engage with members of the public to make them aware of physical distancing requirements to safely use our Parks. Signage will be placed in the Parks to let users know that the Ambassadors are present and available to answer any questions.


  • Park Ambassadors will act as the “eyes and ears” at designated parks where this program will be piloted. They will help address issues as they arise such as litter, needles, large congregations of users. They can also report infractions, risks to public health and safety, and maintenance issues to our Community Services Team, Bylaw, or the RCMP.

Responsibilties of the Park Ambassadors include:

  • Educate parks users of the importance of physical distancing, good etiquette, and courtesies for the shared use of outdoor spaces.
  • Provide demonstration of 2 metres distance.
  • Educate users and disinfect the public lifejacket loaner station at Fuller Lake Park
  • Perform minor parks maintenance duties including picking up litter, cleaning minor graffiti, and removing/maintaining signage and barriers.
  • Disinfect high touch points including railings and signage, and public washroom facility door handles.
  • Report social disorder, vandalism, and drug use to Bylaw Services and the RCMP where appropriate
  • Report parks maintenance issues to our Community Services Team
  • Answer questions from parks users
  • Any other duties as required.

What Can You Do?

When visiting North Cowichan's Parks, please share park space safely and respectfully. Think of going to one of our parks, trails, or beaches as a short break to exercise.BC's  Provincial Health Officer has recommended small outdoor gatherings are the safest way to socialize, so if you choose to socialize outsife in one of these ares, you must ensure you remain two metres from those who are outside your househould or 'social bubble.' 

Be sure to keep your dog on a leash in all areas, other than approved off-leash parks and trails withing our forest reserve. Consider a visit to our outdoor recreation spaces during less busy times like mornings, late evenings, or when it’s cloudy/damp outside. Be sure to stay at home if you are feeling unwell, especially if you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms.

For more information, please contact:

Parks and Recreation Department