Community Planning 

  • If you are interested in growth management, development goals and strategic policies for the Municipality as well as for individual neighbourhoods and special study areas
  • If you need information on the Official Community Plan, University Village Local Area Plan, Crofton Community Local Area Plan or other similar plans
  • If you would like to find information on local Studies, Publications or Reports

Development Planning

  • If you need information on the zoning for your property, and how it affects what uses you can conduct on the property and what buildings or structures can be constructed
  • If you wish to build or redevelop your property, information on the appropriate application and approval processes
  • If your proposed development is not permitted under the current land use regulations, what application and approval processes are required
  • If you need information on how development applications are processed and how applications are presented to Municipal Council
  • If you want to find out about a development that is proposed in your neighbourhood or want to know what kind of development may take place in your neighbourhood

Next Steps