Building & Compliance

Building Services is here to help you when:

  • you need a Building or Plumbing Permit
  • you wish to install a sign - download Sign Permit Application Form [PDF - 76 KB] and Sign Bylaw [PDF - 198 KB] - or awning
  • you would like to renovate, or put on an addition, or make other changes to your house or building
  • you need to conduct any excavation or demolition on the property
  • you are going to change the use of the unit or building
  • you are going to build a deck or undertake other small renovations
  • you have acquired Planning approval and now need a building permit
  • you are ready for building or plumbing inspections, or ready for occupancy

Bylaw Compliance is here to help you when:

New for Building Inspections

Effective January 31, 2018

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