Permits & Inspections

How to arrange a Building Inspection:

To arrange for a building inspection, please call 250.746.3165 and leave a detailed message quoting your file number and indicate you require an inspection. A representative from the Building Services will attempt to contact you within the same day or the following business day. 

*Please be aware that a minimum of 48 hours is required to schedule an inspection.

How to apply for a Building Permit:

To apply for a building permit, we prefer to meet with you in person. Our building inspectors ask that you make an appointment in advance so they are able to give you their undivided attention while you fill out the application together. We find this affords both you and the inspector the opportunity to get all the details straight before you begin your project. We have three building inspectors available to assist you.  Please call 250.746.3165 to book an appointment.

Title Documents

To obtain a title search and related documents for a Building Permit application you may visit the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC website. Please Note: Documents may also be obtained from a Lawyer, Notary Public, Surveyor, Registry Agent or Realtor.


The Province has adopted the 2018 edition of the British Columbia Building Code, including Book II Plumbing Services (BC Building and Plumbing Code).

The new BC Building and Plumbing Code will be effective December 10, 2018 and will apply to your building permits applied for in North Cowichan on or after that date. The BC Fire Code is anticipated to be adopted in the fall of 2018 and effective December 10, 2018. Buildings with permits in place under the previous 2012 BC Building Code will generally not be affected by the adoption of the new code.

The BC Building and Plumbing Code is based substantially on the model National Building and Plumbing Codes of Canada (National Codes). The 2015 National Codes adopted 600 technical changes to improve clarity, introduce new concepts, and expand existing requirements. Some of the new requirements in the National Codes you should be aware of include: 

  • updates to airborne sound transmission ratings,
  • seismic design and climatic data, and
  • updates to stairs, ramps, handrails and guards, including an increase to the run dimensions for residential dwellings. 

For more information about the changes introduced in the 2015 National Codes, please visit the Codes Canada website.        

The 2018 BC Building and Plumbing Code includes most of the 2015 National Code requirements and some variations specific to British Columbia. Some important BC-specific Code changes introduced in the 2018 BC Building Code you should be aware of include: 

  • increasing building accessibility for persons with disabilities,
  • improving the energy efficiency of buildings to require compliance with new building energy efficiency codes and standards,
  • providing a variation to the National Building Code requirements for mid-rise combustible buildings to require 10 percent street frontage and exterior cladding with increased fire resistance, and
  • updating radon data, based on recent studies. 

For more information about the 2018 BC Building and Plumbing Code, please visit the website. Online resources include:

Please note that the online version of the 2018 BC Building and Plumbing Code will be available for purchase in the coming weeks at The Building and Safety Standards Branch will notify code users when the online version is published. The print version is expected at a later date, and code users will be notified when it becomes available.

The Building and Safety Standards Branch is working with partners to deliver education and support Code users in learning about the new requirements. Additional Code resources will be posted to the website, in the coming months.

If you have any questions, please email


Previous changes to the 2012 BC Building Code

The Honourable Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, has approved changes to the 2012 BC Building Code effective January 31, 2018. These changes constitute Revision 12 of the 2012 BC Building Code and are available online.  The changes concern Letters of Assurance and a number of other Code revisions.  

Letters of Assurance: Changes include editorial revisions to Schedules B and C-A. These Schedules are now available on the BC Codes website

Other Code Changes: Changes include removing a relaxation for guards and opening restrictions for windows in dwelling units that are not above other dwelling units; permission for passive ventilation supply air for secondary suites in buildings conforming to the BC Energy Step Code; and editorial changes to the BC Energy Step Code, including clarification of the term “floor area” for energy modelling.

Revision 12 has been consolidated and posted within the online BC Building Code. For customers using hard copies of the BC Building Code, the convenience copy of the BC Energy Step Code will be updated and available online once consolidation of the recent revisions is complete.

Further explanation of the changes can be found in two technical bulletins that will be available online:

Technical Bulletin 18-01: January 2018 Update to Letters of Assurance (attached to this message).

  • Technical Bulletin 18-02: Miscellaneous Revisions to the 2012 BC Building Code (available

Questions about Revision 12 should be directed to More information about the BC Building Code is available at

Information Bulletin - Letters of Assurance [PDF - 313 KB]