Community Planning

Community Planning in North Cowichan

Community planning in North Cowichan focuses on proactively addressing long-range challenges and opportunities while providing guidance for decision-making. Our planning initiatives encompass various aspects of the community, ensuring a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future for all residents.

Official Community Plan (2022)

The Official Community Plan (2022) establishes the community vision and values that guide decision-making in North Cowichan. It outlines key policies and objectives for land use, transportation, environmental conservation, and other essential aspects of community development.

Affordable Housing

As one of the Council's top 20 priorities, Affordable Housing in North Cowichan highlights our commitment to creating and preserving diverse, safe, and affordable housing options for all residents. The 2022 Official Community Plan supports this commitment through various policies and objectives.

Housing Needs Assessment

The Cowichan Valley Regional District is collaborating with the Municipality of North Cowichan and three other member municipalities—Town of Ladysmith, City of Duncan, and Town of Lake Cowichan—to develop a comprehensive Regional Housing Needs Assessment. This assessment will help inform future housing policies and strategies.

Strategic Agricultural Plan

The Strategic Agricultural Plan acknowledges the significance of agriculture to the local economy and the essential role of the farming community in North Cowichan's social structure. This plan aims to support and enhance the agricultural sector while protecting valuable agricultural lands.

Zoning Bylaw Review

In 2023, North Cowichan will undertake a process to replace the existing Zoning Bylaw No. 2950 with a new Zoning Bylaw. The updated bylaw will be streamlined, more accessible, and aligned with the 2022 Official Community Plan, promoting greater consistency and clarity in land use regulations.

By working together on these key planning initiatives, we strive to create a sustainable, vibrant, and inclusive community for all residents of North Cowichan.