Guides and Plans

North Cowichan Council has decided to allocate some funding from the Roads and Sidewalks Budget to develop and enhance a bike network over 2017 - 2021. In doing this, North Cowichan is taking steps to fulfill the community mandate under the Official Community Plan and the Climate Action and Energy Plan to provide active transportation options throughout the community.

To guide this work, Council has endorsed a Bike Network Plan and Implementation Guide [PDF - 4.6 MB], which outlines North Cowichan's strategy for developing a bike network in a targeted, strategic manner that enhances safety, creates active lifestyle opportunities and makes cycling a realistic option for our residents.

Staff together with North Cowichan's Environmental Advisory Committee have identified ten projects that are achievable within the 2017 - 2021 timeframe. These ten projects are described on the Current Projects page.

These key plans, guides, and resources inform and describe North Cowichan's approach: