Cannabis Production


Noting that new federal licensing options no longer differentiate between medical and non-medical cannabis production, at its January 16, 2019 meeting, Council gave first and second reading to a Zoning Amendment Bylaw to:

  • Replace the current permitted use "medical marijuana production facility" with a newly defined "cannabis production facility", which will be permitted in the Municipality's industrial zones; and
  • Establish an "ALR cannabis production facility" use that will apply production facilities located on ALR lands, and replace the medical marijuana production facility use in the regulations for production facilities on ALR lands.

Council also asked staff to report back on options for micro (craft) cannabis production facilities and cannabis production facilities in the ALR.  Those reports will be presented at a future Council meeting.

January 16, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda Package

Additional Information

Currently, the Zoning Bylaw only permits cannabis production as a Medical Marijuana Production Facility use (MMPF's); non-medical cannabis production facilities are prohibited in all zones.

Medical and non-medical cannabis production facilities are now indistinguishable from a federal licensing perspective and there is now no need to distinguish between the two activities in the Zoning Bylaw.  There are also no differences in impacts for the intended final use of cannabis (medical vs recreational), from a production or land use perspective.