Cannabis Retail

In 2018, Council adopted Bylaw No. 3688 to prohibit the sale of cannabis and its derivatives in all zones, except through an approved medical marijuana production facility - distribution and wholesale only.


At its January 16, 2019 meeting, Council adopted a Retail Cannabis Sales Policy to establish criteria that North Cowichan will use when considering retail cannabis sales applications, and directed staff to begin processing rezoning applications for cannabis retail sales immediately.  

Retail Cannabis Sales Policy [PDF - 350 KB]

Staff Report: January 16, 2019 Council Agenda Package

Additional Information

The distribution of recreational cannabis in BC is now through the Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB).  As with liquor, the LDB establishes and operates government stores.  The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is responsible for the licensing and monitoring of private retail cannabis stores.  As outlined in the BC's Cannabis Control and Licensing Act, the Province makes the determination on which applicants are "fit and proper" to obtain a retail cannabis license.  

Applications for cannabis retail licenses are made to the Province with formal referral to the local government.  The LCRB must not issue a retail license unless the local government provides a recommendation that the license be issued.

To date, the Municipality has received six rezoning applications for retail cannabis sales.  Prospective applicants may now apply for a site specific rezoning in order to permit cannabis retail sales.

Since the adoption of the Retail Cannabis Sales Policy, staff will now discuss the Policy with each applicant and provide the opportunity to revise the application per the Policy, prior to review.  Complete applications will be presented in the queue, or as they become complete in consideration of the new Policy.