Official Community Plan

What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a document that lays out community perspectives on the future of a town’s development. It is a legal document, a bylaw, and there are requirements around how the document is written and updated. North Cowichan’s current Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 3450 [PDF - 16.1 MB] was adopted in July 2011 (view full Bylaw list). The OCP is used as a guiding policy document for development in the Municipality.

Municipalities in British Columbia have the authority to adopt an Official Community Plan through Part 26 of the Local Government Act. Legislation identifies the necessary components of these Plans, and establishes adoption procedures.

From time to time, Council will consider amendments to the OCP Bylaw which may result in changes to this document. Users of this document will need to assume responsibility for making the necessary inquiries regarding these changes. Further information can be obtained from the Municipality of North Cowichan's Planning and Development Department.

North Cowichan's Official Community Plan Bylaw

North Cowichan Council approved its new Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 3450 at its July 20, 2011 regular meeting. See the PowerPoint Presentation [PDF - 910 KB] made at the public hearing. The Municipality thanks everyone that participated in this process.

The OCP:

  • sets out the community vision and values that will guide decision-making about our future direction
  • clarifies for residents, businesses and institutions the primary goals and objectives with the supporting policies that help the Municipality to meet its goals; and
  • informs neighbouring jurisdictions of our planned direction and identifies the areas where mutual cooperation is necessary to help us meet certain goals.
Building on the 2002 OCP, the plan affirms the direction and goals the Municipality set at that time. New in this update plan are:
  • guiding principles that underpin the plan and provide a general framework for decision-making;
  • current issues that have become more urgent since 2002
  • a revised format for presenting policies, designed to improve their clarity and ease of use.

OCP Maps: