The OCP Project

We are looking for Community Champions – Volunteer Today!

Council has endorsed an OCP Engagement Strategy [PDF - 1 MB] that includes the creation of two important volunteer groups:

  • An OCP Advisory Group: we are seeking volunteer residents with experience in key sectors to provide advice to the OCP Project Steering Committee through all phases of the community planning process. Check out more about this group in the terms of reference [PDF - 77 KB].

  • Community Ambassador Teams: we are seeking volunteer residents to represent the various unique geographies within North Cowichan (i.e. Quamichan, Berkey's Corner, Maple Bay, etc.). The purpose of each Ambassador Teams is to provide community-specific information to OCP policies and review draft OCP directions and policies for community impact and relevance. Check out more about this group in the terms of reference [PDF - 75 KB].

  • Time Commitment: groups will meet at least quarterly, and maximum monthly throughout the two year term of the project.

  • Selection Process: groups will be endorsed by Council. Further information about the selection process can be found in the body of the OCP Engagement Strategy [PDF - 1 MB].

APPLY TODAY! Residents who wish to volunteer for either group are invited to submit a complete application form [PDF - 195 KB] to by September 11 at midnight.

Enter the OCP Logo & Tagline Contest for Chance to Win $250!!!

We want YOUR help to design a logo (graphic image) and tagline (project intention/motto) that will be used on all documents and promotions throughout the entire OCP Project. The logo and tagline capture the intent of the project and will be used to create visual consistency on all project documents.

Contest closes September 11 at midnight. Learn more here! Logo and Tagline Contest Details [PDF - 382 KB]


Council's 2019-2022 Strategic Plan committed to "rewrite the Official Community Plan, forming the basis for local area plans throughout the community (e.g. Quamichan area, Berkey’s Corner area, and Maple Bay Village)." 

The OCP Project is a big process: it involves confirming the community's 20-year vision, undertaking significant technical work, such as a Master Transportation Plan and demographic projects, and planning work with community organizations. 

We want the plan to be driven by the community. Here is how you can stay informed and get involved:

  • Sign up for our "Official Community Plan Project" newsletter
  • Connect with the OCP Project on PlaceSpeak where various surveys and discussions will take place (note: you will need to sign into your PlaceSpeak account or register)
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@NorthCowichan)

For general information about Official Community Plans please take a look at the FAQs on OCPs here.  

What is an OCP?

Council participated in a staff-led workshop on May 15, 2019 to understand what an OCP is, what makes a great one, and to receive an overview of the current Official Community Plan. A copy of the presentation can be found here.