Annual Performance Reports

These reports will provide you with information regarding the annual performance of Development Applications:

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program

Local government signatories of the B.C. Climate Action Charter makes planning for compact, complete and energy-efficient communities a priority and reports out every year on their progress towards their goals as well as achieving carbon neutrality in their corporate emissions (see Climate Action in B.C. Communities - Ministry of Environment).

The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) reimburses the carbon tax for local governments who have signed the B.C. Climate Action Charter. These municipalities and regional districts annually measure the carbon footprint of their corporate operations and publish information about their corporate and community-wide sustainability actions each year through CARIP Reports.

Local governments can achieve carbon neutrality by measuring and reducing emissions, by purchasing carbon offsets to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions, or by developing projects to offset emissions.

2019 CARIP Public Report
2018 CARIP Public Report

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