Board of Variance

All Board of Variance Hearings are suspended until further notice

Board of Variance Applications

To request a minor variance or exemption to a Bylaw regulation to relieve hardship you may apply to the Board of Variance.
Board of Variance Application.pdf [PDF - 243 KB]
Development Agent Authorization Form.pdf [PDF - 245 KB]

What is the Board Variance?

The Board of Variance (BOV) is an independent body that consists of five members appointed by Council.
Board of Variance General Info & FAQ.pdf [PDF - 235 KB]
Board_of_Variance_Bylaw.pdf [PDF - 248 KB]
Board of Variance Membership List.pdf [PDF - 133 KB]

What is the difference between the Board of Variance and a Develpoment Variance Permit?

The BOV addresses appeals for minor variances where compliance with the Zoning Bylaw would cause undue hardship and would not:

  • Result in inappropriate development of the site;
  • Adversely affect the natural environment;
  • Substantially affect the use and enjoyment of adjacent land;
  • Vary permitted uses and densities under the applicable bylaw; or
  • Defeat the intent of the bylaw;
  • Vary the application of an applicable bylaw in relation to residential rental tenure.

If your request does not meet the above conditions, a Development Variance Permit is another application process that may be more suitable. Staff can help you determine your best option before submitting your application.

What is the process for a Board of Variance application?

  1. Submit BOV Application - Contact Staff about application requirements. Submit your complete application, including the application fee.
  1. Application Review - Staff reviews the information provided and prepares a report for the Board of Variance.
  1. Statutory Notification Process - Neighbouring properties are informed of your application by mail.
  1. Board of Variance Meeting - You have the opportunity to present your variance request to the Board of Variance. Any other interested parties may also speak to the Board for or against your application. The Board makes their final decision to approve or deny or application.

How long does this process take?

BOV applications must be submitted at a minimum of four weeks prior to the following BOV meeting.

What are the Board of Variance application requirements?

As every property and variance appeal is unique, application requirements can vary. Before you apply, please contact the District to find out your application requirements. Once complete, submit your application to Planning staff in the Development and Engineering Services Division.

Meeting Location and Dates

Meetings are held bi-monthly on the last Wednesday of the month in the Maple Bay Room (off of main lobby) commencing at 2:00pm on the first floor of the Municipal Hall located at 7030 Trans-Canada Highway, Duncan, BC.2020 BOV Meeting Schedule [PDF - 93 KB]

Meeting schedule is subject to change depending on the number of BOV applications.