Zoning Bylaw and Maps

Zoning Bylaw

Every municipality has policies about future land use. These policies are referred to as the Official Community Plan Bylaw [PDF - 8 MB]. The Zoning Bylaw puts these plans into effect and provides for their day-to-day administration through controls for the use and development of all municipal land. The Zoning Bylaw regulates how a particular property can be used, flood level requirements, lot and building size and layout (setbacks, site coverage, density, etc.), building type, landscaping and parking requirements.1

1See also Bylaw No. 2838 Cash in Lieu of Parking (Chemainus) for additional details regarding parking requirements in Chemainus.

Zoning Maps

North Cowichan's Base Maps are a detailed series of 1:2500 scale maps of the Municipality. The maps are saved as PDF files. Use the Map Index to locate your area of interest, click on your location, then select "Zoning" from the "Themes" legend on the right hand side of the page. 

If you have any questions about the maps, contact the Engineering Department.