Official Community Plan

OCP Bylaw given initial reading by Council

Updated May 13, 2022

On April 25, the OCP was presented to Council in bylaw form for first reading, having been amended as per the resolutions passed by Council in March (Council’s resolutions can be viewed here [PDF - 398 KB].  The draft OCP downloadable on this webpage is the latest version incorporating Council’s amendments, along with edits made for clarity, readability and formatting.  Council gave first reading to the OCP bylaw, meaning it can progress to a public hearing.  A public hearing is an opportunity for anyone interested in the proposed OCP, whether or not they are in favour of it, to speak to Council and have their views become part of the public record.

Council will decide at a future meeting when to schedule a public hearing, along with the location and format.  The hearing will be advertised well in advance with details on how to participate provided through a variety of channels. People will also have the opportunity to submit written comments prior to, or at, the public hearing.  Stay tuned for further information.

 Once the hearing has been held, Council will consider all the input it has heard and decide whether to proceed with the OCP as drafted, or whether any further changes should be made before giving second and third readings to the bylaw and moving to adoption.  The new OCP does not take effect until the bylaw is officially adopted by Council.  Prior to this it must receive three readings and be subject to a public hearing.  Until such time as Council adopts a new OCP by bylaw, the current (2011) OCP will remain in place.

Where we are in the process:

Review and Update from Draft Engagement Results

Updated March 23, 2022

Two facilitator-led workshops were held with Council last month to review comments and input received from the public engagement process on the draft Official Community Plan (OCP) that was open from November 8 to December 22. Public and agency input along with various changes to wording, intent and policy were considered and discussed at the workshops.

At the March 16 Council meeting, resolutions were passed that provided direction to staff to amend the draft OCP. The amendments will be incorporated into a revised OCP document that will be presented along with a bylaw that Council is expected to consider for first reading in late April or early May. Council’s resolutions regarding amendments to the draft OCP can be viewed here: March 16 OCP Amendments.pdf

What we heard: Engagement on the draft Official Community Plan (OCP)

Updated February 14, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to review and provide input on the draft OCP. This round of public engagement kicked off on November 8 with a webinar attended by nearly 150 people. The window for feedback closed on December 22, and input from the community was received through: 

  1. The online Konveio platform
  2. Downloading, completing and returning an electronic (or paper) version of the survey
  3. Submission of written comments

Direct outreach to over 60 local community groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations was also a key component of this round of engagement. Additionally, feedback was sought directly through referrals to six area First Nations, four local governments, and nine provincial agencies or ministries

What we heard

A summary of the referral process and the public consultation results can be found in the report presented to Council on February 2. At this link, you can also view a recording of the presentation to Council and hear their discussion.  

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