OCP Project Phase 1 - Background, Planning and Launch

This phase kicked off the project internally including organizing the internal project team, collating background information, issuing the Request for Proposal and developing an engagement strategy. 


The project was kicked off internally with the formation of two key groups:

  • Project Steering Committee: This committee is comprised of senior staff representing various departments within the organization and their purpose is to provide senior level oversight to the OCP project process; to collaborate with the Advisory Committee; to provide timely communication to respective departmental staff; provide direction and feedback to the Project Team through the Steering Committee Chair, and to ensure adequate resources are provided to the Project Team.
  • Integrated Project Team: The purpose of the Project Team is to undertake the work necessary to complete the Official Community Plan.  

This phase also included the collation of information into a background report [PDF - 1 MB], to be distributed to the consultant as well as to be available to the general public.  The background report includes information on what an OCP is, our community profile, demographics and a summary of existing policy, plans and documents.  

Glossary of Terms [PDF - 359 KB] was also developed to define commonly referred to terms that may help the public follow along with the project.  This document will be amended throughout the project including adding, omitting or changing definitions.  


The Municipality issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for consultant services to conduct Phases 2 and 3 of the OCP project (Phases 1 and 4 would be conducted by the Municipality).  The RFP was issued at the end of October; five submissions were received in response to the request for proposals.  Vancouver-based MODUS Planning, Design and Engagement was the successful consultant, with the top-scoring proposal that demonstrated a sound project approach, coupled with a qualified and experienced team.  

Over the next 14 months, MODUS will be responsible for developing a community vision, mapping local community character and develop a draft updated OCP.  Following consultation with the community, North Cowichan Council will then consider adoption of the updated OCP.  

For more information about MODUS, please visit their website: www.thinkmodus.ca

Engagement Strategy

North Cowichan Council adopted the Engagement Strategy that is a foundational element of the community planning process, proposed by staff and endorsed by Council to update North Cowichan‘s OCP.

The Engagement Strategy includes a framework to engage both the North Cowichan community and organization.  The framework builds the governance model to create internal and external ownership of the OCP.  The OCP can be shaped by a diverse community and an inter-disciplinary staff approach.



OCP Committee meetings will occur throughout the project, in different forms.  Given the public health emergency, committee meetings have now been held digitally to ensure that we keep the project moving forward. 

Details about past and upcoming meetings can be found on the Agenda/Minutes/Videos page of our website.


As part of the engagement strategy, two volunteer groups were developed - Advisory Committee and the Community Ambassador Committees.  An open call for applications from community members was conducted, and in the end, members were appointed by Council. 

Advisory Committee: residents with experience in key sectors to provide advice to the OCP Project Steering Committee through all phases of the community planning process.  Council appointed the following individuals to sit on the Advisory Committee: 

Bernie Jones Brielle Varasteh Caitlin Kenny
Cam Campbell David Messier Hajo Meijer
Mona Kaiser Nick Neisingh Rupert Koyote
Sandra McPherson Shannon Waters Tim Openshaw

Community Ambassador Committees
: residents who represent the various unique geographies within North Cowichan, and who provide community-specific information to OCP policies and review draft OCP directions and policies for community impact and relevance.  Council appointed the following individuals on the Community Ambassador Committees: 

Bell McKinnon David Darwin, David Jackson
Berkeys Corner Andrew Wilson, Lisa Hudson
Crofton Carol Donelly, Laura Funk, Marita Judson
Chemainus Ken Brown, Tom Andrews, Christina Godbolt
South End Centre Cindy Lise, Craig Meredith, Rhiannon Snaith
Maple Bay Sheila Kitson, Wendy McPherson
Quamichan  Gregg Perry, Margo Young, Sheryl Sametz
Rural Nancy Dower, Carreen Unguran