OCP Project Phase 2 - Community Vision and Local Character Mapping

This phase consists of finalizing project initiation with the consultant, including developing an engagement plan, identify opportunities, strengths and constraints through a Gap Analysis Report and establishment of vision and community character values. 

Engagement Plan

An Engagement Plan sets out the foundation for engagement throughout the entire project and considers the following: why engage, key concepts of public engagement, who to engage, how to engage, how to communicate, overview of tactics for engaging and communicating with stakeholders and what success will look like.  

The framework for the engagement plan changed drastically due to COVID-19 and its impacts on the community and restrictions that have been put in place from health officers from various different levels of government.  Because of these concerns on March 18, 2020 Council implemented a 90-day pause on public engagement due to the COVID-19 crisis.  On April 15, 2020, Council decided to reconsider the pause, and directed staff to liaise with the OCP consultants to explore ways to resume engagement digitally in a safe and fulsome way.  On May 6, 2020 Council asked staff to engage with the OCP volunteers on the Engagement Plan, specifically about moving ahead with digital engagement.  We met with the OCP Volunteers on June 5 and June 11, 2020 to seek their input. 

Please click on the link to review the draft Engagement Plan [PDF - 1016 KB].  The final Gap Analysis, incorporating feedback from the OCP Advisory Committee, Community Ambassador Committees and Council will be published by August 7. 

Background Papers [PDF - 7 MB] on the key theme areas that the project will address were developed as useful, accessible information to the public.  

For more fun, throught provoking questions check out these postcards [PDF - 4 MB] and share with your friends to get the conversation started about the OCP!

Gap Analysis

One of the first major tasks of this project is to conduct a gap analusos of the current Official Community Plan to understand where there might be gaps between the desired intent and existing policies of the OCPand how the document can be improved.  

The Gap Analysis has been framed around the current structure of the OCP document and the thematic objectives that North Cowichan identified for the update.  The gap analysis report will provide the technical background knowledge to move forward in developing the vision, goals and policies for the OCP.

The development of the gap analysis largely relied on North Cowichan Council, Staff and OCP volunteers to provide further feedback, in addition to the technical review by the consultant.  

Please click on the link to review the final Gap Analysis [PDF - 2 MB].

Vision and Goals

The purpose of this task is to confirm principles, assets and challenges, and draft a vision statement, goals and themes.  A survey will be available to residents to seek their feedback on their values, which will form the basis of the vision statement and goals.  

Thank you to all for your feedback! The survey is now closed.  Results from the survey will help shape a vision and the development of principles and priorities for the OCP, a plan that guides municipal decision-making regarding how the community changes over the next 20 years.

Community Character and Values

This task will include identifying unique aspects that differentiates overall North Cowichan character from the individual community character which will start to inform the community planning and policy development.