OCP Project Phase 3 - Policy Options and Plan Development

This phase focuses on creating the Official Community Plan document.  Development of growth scenarios and policy direction will include options and selection of urban containment boundaries, land use designations, and growth targets, and development of final policies and maps.  

Policy and Growth Scenario Options

This stage will involve the development of growth scenarios to decide on where growth should occur in the Municipality and potential impacts and implications of different growth scenarios.

A memo has been developed that will be revised as we navigate through this stage, based on feedback from the OCP Committees.  The document can be found here: Growth Management Memo.pdf [PDF - 1 MB]

An accompanying powerpoint presentation that was presented to the OCP Advisory Group can also be found here: Presentation on Growth Scenarios to OCP AC.pdf [PDF - 5 MB].  An updated version can also be found here: Version 2 - Presentation on Growth Scenarios PPT for OCP AC.pdf [PDF - 2 MB]

On Friday March 26th at 3:30 pm, a working group that is focused on growth scenario planning, will meet to establish options for future growth in our community. The scenarios will be informed by a wide range of topics, which can be found on the agenda, as well as environmental information. Environmental mapping for the discussion can be found here: OCP Environment Map Growth Working Group Map Agenda Copy.pdf [PDF - 11 MB] (note, this document must be viewed in a PDF viewer that can manipulate PDF layers).

Stay tuned for updates on this stage of the project and how you can get involved!

OCP Policies

Draft OCP Document