Commercial Collection

Under North Cowichan's Waste Collection Bylaw, your garbage may not contain any recyclables. This means that all apartment, strata, business, and institutional complexes within the Municipality must arrange their own recycling services. Buildings may either self-haul recyclables to drop-off depot locations or utilize the services of a private waste hauler.  See below for requirements of recycling for multi-unit buildings, and the responsibilities of the involved parties to implement and monitor programs.

Responsibilities of Property Owner/Manager

  • Provide recycling services for building by contracting with a private hauler
  • For apartment buildings: include in each tenant's lease a requirement to participate in the buildings recycling program
  • Design a recyclables collection program for your building that is convenient for building occupants and adheres to all appropriate solid waste regulations and fire codes
  • Inform all occupants about how, what, and where to recycle
  • Monitor and remove improperly prepared and non-recyclable items from the collection containers
  • Periodically update occupants about the status of the building's recycling program

Responsibilities of Building Occupants

  • Separate recyclable materials from trash, prepare materials correctly, and deposit into central storage containers

Responsibilities of Municipality of North Cowichan

  • Recommend private haulers and provides enforcement of solid waste regulations
  • Provide information and support for occupants and building owner/managers

Responsibilities of Private Waste Haulers

  • Provide recycling collection services at complexes where trash is collected
  • Provide customers with an up-to-date list of acceptable types of recyclables to be collected
  • Provide Municipality of North Cowichan with an annual recycling tonnage report