Each Canadian produces approximately four pounds of garbage per day. At this rate, each person creates more than 100,000 pounds of garbage in a lifetime. Each of us can reduce this large amount of costly waste by practicing the Three R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


  • Buying items that are not heavily packaged
  • Looking for the recycling signs on items you are going to buy and knowing how, or where, they can be disposed of
  • Storing foods in reusable containers, i.e., tupperware
  • Taking your own shopping bags when you go shopping
  • Buying products in bulk and refilling small dispensing containers at home, i.e., cleaning products, cooking, baking staples, etc
  • Buying good quality items which have an extended life cycle


  • Passing on old clothing and toys through thrift stores, garage sales, or to younger children and friends
  • Making rags out of old torn clothes
  • Fixing broken items instead of buying new ones
  • Save safe recyclable items for crafts. Often local schools, visitor centres, and organizations are in need of such items


  • Placing recyclable items into the curbside recycling program
  • Identifying and disposing of specialty recyclable items at appropriate locations. See the CVRD Recycling Guide (i.e. tires, scrap metal, batteries, fridges, paint, etc.)
  • Make use of the CVRD Recycling Hotline: 250-746-2540